Sunday, August 26, 2012

I know....Once again I say it.....Wow time has flown by

So I had promised during my last post I was going to do better about staying on top of my you can see, I failed miserably!!!!
I have no clue where to even begin.......Grab a cup of coffee this is going to take awhile....A lot has happened with a ton of pictures......
My last post spoke of planning our son and daughter-in-laws baby shower for Michael, let me just say it was a HUGE success!!! We had so much fun! It was a baseball theme couples shower. All decorations were home made and we had approximately 50 people. Some of the games were bottle chug'n contest....lets just say we were in the presence of a lot of cheater!!! How fair is it when you bite the nipple off?!?!? May not have been fair but it was still fun. We also did a neighborhood scavenger hunt, we live in the historic downtown area of Georgetown. I have to say that all of our neighbors were so good and helpful with this game. Who seriously has a gas receipt for .50 ????? We also played a game where you had to partner up with you significant other, both be blind folded and dress each other in baby items....Now this was a blast to watch!!!!!! Brandon & Katie, the new parents to be came in last place...yes, we were all a little worried about their parenthood success :-)
I have to say I have NEVER seen such generosity from a group of 20 year old's including the single men. Some of the gifts they received completely overwhelmed both me and them. They are truly a blessed couple.


This couple is now engaged!!!!!!!!

   Yes above is te new momma and daddy to be......they were struggling......

This is left to right...Kevin (my brother), Jennifer (someday sister-in-law), Whitney (Blake's GF), Blake (our youngest son), Katie (our daughter-in-law) and Brandon (oldest son)
Gigi (me) & She-she (Katie's mom)

Jamie and I in our new Paw-Paw & Gigi shirts....
                                              AND............This couple is now engaged!!!!!!
                                                Great Grandpa & soon to be Uncle Blake

                                                       LOVED their new BOB stroller.....

Now we come to the best announcement to date......MICHAEL FINALLY ARRIVED!!!
Katie was scheduled for an induction.  We all arrived at the hospital by 7:00am 12 hours later we still had no baby and things were not progressing.  The Dr decided to go ahead and do a C-Section....We were all a ball of nerves but in the end we were so glad that decisions was made.  Mr Michael was not coming on his own.  Once in there it was discovered that he was facing the wrong direction.  It really didnt matter how he got here, just that he did!!!!  He was and is absolutely perfect!!!!!
He was born on May 29th weighing in at 7lb 12.5 oz and 19 1/2" long.
I have to say it was ONE of the best days of my life next to my own children being born.  It is really cool though watching your child become a dad.  My heart could not have been any fuller. this point we were STILL waiting
 Labor just exhausted Brandon :-)
 Yes....My boys and husband have always had to mess with "everything" while in Dr office or hospital....Did I mention Brandon is a Firefighter / EMT......
He contractions early on
 Katie wanted all of us in her labor room with her so she would not feel left out miss out on the fun.  Blake (our youngest son) and I are playing war and he thinks he is winning
 Da (Kaite's dad) and PawPaw James evaluating the monitor....Trust me they "thought" they knew what they were doing....NOT
 Now it is Uncle Blake and Great Grandpa Roy giving their 2 cents worth of opinion
 Blake giving Katie an update, did I mention he has never been married or had a child??? lol
 The news came that a C Section had to be done
 Here we all are waiting..........


 Brandon in the nursery holding Michael right after he was born.
 Sweet momma Katie....She did such a GREAT job delivering our precious gift.
 My  (Gigi) first time to hold him.....Heaven......absolutely in Heaven!
 Pawpaw James' first time to hold him.  Didnt think he was ever going to give him up.
 Next morning....Pawpaw James and Brandon changing a diaper
 Brandon acted as if he had years of experience.  I am so proud of him.
 Yep you guessed it.....PawPaw James got pee'd on....He was the first of many :-)

 Michael - a little less than 24 hours old...Can you all see just how perfect he is?
 This is such a sweet picture of Brandon and Katie love'n on their new baby boy.

Katie and Brandon came to visit when.  Michael at this point is 1 week old....She was one tired momma.

I will continue updating  tomorrow.  Im sure you all are absolutely bored by now...
Oh..... I have learned to machine embroidery and sew.  I will be adding some of my creations also.... I am seriously  considering making a little extra money selling custom items.  Here's a sneak preview:
Thanks for taking the time to share in our family....

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Anonymous said...

I love this baby shower! Congratulations! I am doing something similar and borrowing some ideas. Is there any chance I could use the little letter to the baby that is betwwen the parents photos If so, Do you have a copy. It's had to read every line of it in the picture but I think it's probably perfect. If you can thanks so much the shower is this Saturday. Tracy

feel free to leave my email off the comment ;) Thanks again so excited!