Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow!!!!!! Time flies!!!!

I cant believe that I have not posted since Nov.  So much has been going on.  Mainly....I have been helping plan our daughter-in-laws baby shower.  As with anything else I cant just put a few things out for a have to go over board!!! I cant wait to get to post all the stuff.  All of the hostess have agreed to keep Katie in the dark about what we are doing as far as the shower.
Here is one of our planning parties..I love these girls so much!!!!!  The shower invites go out tomorrow so I will at least be able to post those soon.  The shower will be on March 31st.

And of course while we are talking about Katie and her shower I will take a moment to brag just a bit on her.  Here is her picture from this weeks blog post (hers).  She is 28 weeks and absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!! She is so happy and has had such an easy pregnancy.  She says she cant wait to do it again :-)

Brandon has not missed one Dr's appointment.  He is so excited and so encouraging to Katie.  She says he has been "THE SWEETEST" man!!!
Our family is so excited that we all have a hard time keeping our hands off her belly.  Thank God she doesnt mind.  We make she and Michael, by the way...that's his name, perform for friends and family.  Here is one of our typical weekend nights.

I also made the bed set for the nursery at our house.  I have not finished the quilt yet.  I still need to embroidery a portion of it.  OH YEAH...I also got a new embroidery machine.....All I can say is FUN FUN FUN!!!!!  Several nights I have been up until 5:00am playing with it.
We went to see my brother and his family this weekend.  I made all three kids blankets and embroidered their names and fun little things on each.  I forgot to take a picture.  Hopefully I can get one from him so I can post.  I hear the kids have carried them to Nana's house and slept with them each night.  I'm so glad they are enjoying them. it is AGAIN 3:00AM. I really MUST stop pulling these all nighters.  Good night friends.

This is the fabric I am using for the bed set

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