Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving filled with Family....

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving this year.  I again cooked for the family.  Katie and Baby "E" definitely enjoyed the feast.  Katie is so adorable.  Her little 5'1" frame looks so cute and sweet with that little "bump" finally poking out there.  She and Brandon are actually at the Dr's today for her 16 week check up.  He has yet to miss an appointment.  I am so proud to see him being so excited and involved.  The pictures I am posting are from Thanksgiving and her "bump" picture is actually a week old now.  But you can see for yourself....she is absolutely adorable!!!!!!
I LOVE our family picture we snapped out of the front porch.  It will be one of the pictures included on our Christmas cards.
Speaking of Christmas......I am struggling to get in to the mood to decorate....not in the Christmas Spirit of buying gifts, but decorate.  I have NEVER struggled like this before.  Maybe because this will be the first year in 15 years that I am not hosting Christmas at our house.  Not really sure but hope the decorating spirit moves soon.
I hope you all are not in the rut that I appear to be in.  I hope your homes are filled with decorations and festivities.  Most of all I pray your home is filled with LOVE.

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