Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's official....I'm Going To Be A GiGi!!!!!!!

Well, our gag order has been lifted and I am now allowed to shout it from the roof tops.........We are expecting our FIRST grand baby!!!!!!!!  We are so excited!  I am including the link to Baby Eubank's website Katie has set up for anyone interested in following.   Click here for Baby Eubank website
Katie and Brandon invited us parents and Blake, our youngest son and Whitney, his girlfriend to dinner.  When Sheri, Katie's mom and I opened our menu we found a sonogram picture of Baby Eubank inside the menu.  What a great and joyous night that was.  I think we have all been floating on a cloud since that night.  I am hoping to be called GiGi since my other choice is already taken.  I came up with that name because it is my first initial and my middle name initial, "Gina Gayle."
Now....not only are we learning how to be parents to adult children, learning how to be great in-laws but NOW we are having to add learning how to be WONDERFUL grand-parents to this journey in our lives.  Wow......I need all the prayers I can get!!!!  Lesson one.....Love my God, husband, children, their spouses and our grand-children with ALL of our hearts.....and pray.............

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