Monday, February 14, 2011

Wow..It's been awhile but I was moved to get up and MOVE today...

I came across this, this morning and it started my wheels to turning.  I have been in a place of "stillness."  For me that is not a comfortable place to be.  I'm not speaking of the place of stillness where you meet God..No, something much different.    Stillness lately has been more about loneliness, boredom, stale, blues and selfishness.  
As you can see my last post was quite some time ago.  I didn't feel I had anything to say of any real importance yet our life has been like a storm since the last  post.  Some have been about the rolling thunder while others have been about the beating of the rain, the whirling wind and the lightning strikes while other times have been more like the gentle quiet soft rain hitting the tin roof and washing my heart and commitment new.
During my idleness time this morning I came across this. It was written by Brene Brown.   Wow...for what ever reason it awakened my spirit and my heart.  I feel for whatever reason I am like a fresh spring flower peaking through the dirt as it is about to bloom for another season.  I am awake and eager to start living, appreciating and making a difference in life again.
This quote deeply moved me...
"In a culture that tells us that being imperfect is synonymous with being inadequate, and that being vulnerable is being weak, it is so much easier to criticize than it is to contribute. "
And isn't that the truth!
Today...of course being Valentine's Day I am choosing to be a woman who looks for ways to contribute rather than taking the easy road of criticizing. It is amazing how quickly a negative and unkind word can spill from our mouths. (At least for me!) Our unmet expections can get us snagged in ungratefulness and a critical spirit. Today being a day which focuses of loving, serving and surprising....I choose to enter in with a happy "value added" heart.
Here are some ways I am practicing this today.
1. Woke up this morning and read a devotional on joy. I asked God to help me choose joy  and I invited him to control my thoughts and mind. (Prov 17:22) AMP
2. Thought though the love languages of my husband and children. Planned to express this love  in one meaningful way today. I am choosing to be intentional. 
3.  Called three friends whom I know will have a challenge today...all of them are struggling with broken hearts. One has just gone though a divorce, another is a widow of 8 years and another a young college woman who's heart has just been devastated over a recent breakup.
How about you?
I encourage you to find three ways to contribute life, love and hope today into the hearts of just one. Start simply friend...but simply start. 
And Happy Valentine's Day!

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