Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A day at the zoo...

Spent the entire day at the zoo then came home and cooked at birthday dinner in honor of my mom. It was a great dinner.. just as my previous blog entry said.. what a blessing to live so close to family. Our house was filled with laughter tonight. It was my husband, James, our son Blake and one of his long time friends Alex (14 year friendship) my mom & dad, my brother & of course Shay... The 20 year olds were racing the 7 year old at who could put together a Clifford the dog puzzle the fastest...they each had their own puzzle and the winner finished first... Something very demented when a 20 year old "thinks" they have accomplished something by beating a 7 year old at a puzzle ;-) Great times that I truly treasure.
The zoo was packed and hot. Not to mention most of the animals were not on display. I have been very disappointed in the Dallas zoo the last few times I have been. I think we will try FtWorth next time. But all in all a GREAT day...Great memories and fun time. Tomorrow is Mrs. Baird's Bakery Factory Tour. Should be fun.. I hope we get fresh hot bread samples!

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