Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A day on a farm (kind of)

Our day at Owens Country Sausage Farm...

Ok, warning.... my blog this week will be about the absolute JOY of having an amazing niece. May I just say...we have had such a blast this week.. I am exhausted but full of joy!
I am so thankful to God that he moved us back to Dallas after a layoff. It was one of the darkest periods of our life...My husband was the sole provider, 9-11 had "just" happened and we celebrated our 17th anniversary on 9-10. We could not understand it at the time but now completely see the blessing.
We would have never moved "back home" had it not been for that period. We were with out a job for almost 1 year. My husband was working for a Dutch/German owned company. His job afforded us to be able to travel and spend the summer in Europe with our children. He traveled the world during that time and he LOVED his job. It was all over with no warning in a blink of the eye. Owners came in with no warning and cleaned out all upper management. After almost a year we decided for him to go back to work for a small mom & pop owned company in the Dallas area that he had worked for in the very beginning of his career (1978). He said one day..."lets go home". I thought.. it's not that easy.. we STILL need a job and we have a house that needs to sell. During that period we were in Austin and the bottom of the "tech" sector had fallen out. Every major company and even the small ones were laying off. Everyday we would hear thousands more were loosing their jobs. I thought... we will never sell our house. Ok, can I just say I was putting such limits on God. With in 1 week of us deciding to "go home" which is Plano / McKinney area, James had a job, and our house sold for exact asking price (we were told we were over pricing it), on the day we listed and they needed us out in 2 weeks. WOW!!! God can move so fast ;-).....Anyway, I now see that it took that nudge, ok PUSH to bring us back to our family. Since the move James' dad has lost his wife, my dad has had back surgery and my parents own property and need help with it, I have an awesome niece that stays ALOT with us. It is truly like a village raising and standing in the gap for our family. I am so thankful that we are here for our family and we get to be involved in the raising and nurturing of Shay. Not to mention we are exactly where we are supose to be as far a serving and worshiping.
Thank you Lord for being "all knowing" and loving us enough to not allow us to miss this time... God's timing is perfect even if we have to walk through some fire before getting to the blessing.

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