Monday, March 16, 2009

Our day at Frisco Fire Safety Town!

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Today was an awesome day.. I have
forgotten how exhausting kids can be ;-) We had a great time. She loved the miniature size town and having to obey all of the safety rules of the street. She (my niece Shay) LOVED LOVED LOVED the fire truck. Her favorite seat was the drivers of course. She kept asking "does Brandon do it this way"?
We made home made meatballs for spaghetti and will be "walking" to sonic for ice cream a little later. We "may" through in the park...not sure I can last and thank god for DVR since Dancing With The Stars comes on tonight.
Tomorrow is Owens Country Sausage tour and our church has an equestrian ministry on our grounds. One of the horses just had a colt yesterday... We are going to let Shay see it. It is sooo
cute and beautiful paint..not even sure if it is a he or she at this point.
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