Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Boy Teething = Alot Of Cuddle Time For Gigi

I have had the pleasure of staying this week with our daughter-in-law to help her care for Michael while Brandon, our son is out of town.  I will be going back home (30 miles away) Thursday night which is when Brandon gets back in town.  I keep Michael every Tuesday and Thursday but being he didnt feel well Katie didnt want to send him to daycare.  She is really lucky that the school she teaches at has on sight daycare.
Michael is trying to cut his second tooth.  His nose is running like a faucet and his head is stuffy so therefore he is not sleeping very well and is a little cranky.  So, it's Gigi to the rescue!!!  Ok...maybe not rescue but certainly Gigi is ready to give alot of cuddle time.
I know I have spoken on it before but, I am so thankful that Katie and I have such a relaxed relationship that she nor I even think twice about spending time together without Brandon. Who knows.... it's probably not unusual for mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws to really get along great, it's just the media that likes to portray it as a bad mixture so it's the image we all tend to think of.
So...last night was.....our girls night without the men, which  = watching some show she watches called "Catfish" on MTV, The Bachelor and JUNK FOOD.  I have to say I didnt know what to expect from a show called "Catfish" but OMG!!!!!  I feel so sad for the guy that was featured in the episode we watched.  We ate chicken salad with cheese puffs and fresh baked cookies with a tall glass or two of milk and a large dose of giving our opinion on each of the girls bidding for the bachelor's love (ok more like lust)......can you say HEAVEN?!? Such a fun and relaxing night.
I am just hoping that tooth breaks through soon so this little man can feel better.  I have to say though, I will take a runny nose over a screaming teething baby any day!
I snapped a photo of Jager and Michael at Michael's bedroom window this morning.  I think it is so sweet what great buds these two already are.
Michael is 7 months old and is already starting to walk up and down furniture.  He sometimes forgets to hold on and will actually balance himself.
Michael and Jager plotting their next adventure.


J said...

Hi! I'm so happy to have met you through your comment on my blog! We share many things in least one grandson, loving families, affection for our pets, and the joy we get from expressing outselves through crafts and blogging. I am really going to enjoy reading your back posts to see what else I can discover! I love having grandma friends across the country!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

Awww, what a cute photo! THanks for a lovely visit - it's always fun to meet fellow grandparents online.