Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who Wants A Quickie???

I thought that might get your attention!!!!!! What I meant to say, well not meant but "should" have said was.....
Here's a quick peek at a great photo of Michael playing with his daddy.
Katie posted this photo of Michael and Brandon playing and laughing today. Today was Brandon's day to keep Michael while Katie worked. She teaches 4th grade and Brandon is a firefighter. He watches him on his days off. Tomorrow is my day to keep him. My days are the days they BOTH work.
Katie's caption on Facebook under this picture said "There's nothing better than hearing your two favorite boys laugh and play together!"
Well.....I have to disagree......for me.....I say "There's nothing better than hearing your son play and laugh with his son just like his daddy use to do with him!" When I watch Brandon as a father to Michael it is like re-living when our boys were babies. I see so much of James (my husband) in Brandon and the way he loves, acts, cares for and plays with Michael and that warms my heart. I think James was training our boys to be dare devils and Brandon is following in the same training for Michael :-)
I loved this picture so much I just had to share.
What is your "There's nothing better than?" I cant wait to read them......


Lisa @ Grandmas Briefs said...

Oh, this is so true: "There's nothing better than hearing your son play and laugh with his son just like his daddy use to do with him!" My daughter is just as silly with her boys as she was with her dad...continues to be with her dad, in fact. Always makes my heart sing.
Precious photo!
My "nothing better than"? Hmmm...I'd say nothing better than the hugs from kiddos in the morning. Every time I visit my grandsons, the oldest crawls into bed with me first thing each morning for a little snuggle time, featuring plenty of discussion about the dreams he'd had in the night. There's nothing better...!

Perfect Pair!! said...

Lisa I agree with the snuggle time!!!!! I know it sounds crazy but even though our kids live at the other end of Austin they all continue to spend the night with us often. Our boys would always come to our bed on Saturday mornings when they were growing up. Cuddle time usually turned into our bed becoming a wrestling mat. By the end the sheets and comforter would be off the bed. I loved Saturday's. To this day when both boys are home Ameche same time they and girls still all come sit and lay on our bed on Saturday mornings and now Michael will be apart of it also. I treasure it still!!! I love that the girls even feel comfortable to join us. No wrestling these days just laughs.

Connie said...

I have to agree, watching my kids with their kids laughing and playing is the best ever!

Grandma Kc said...

What a great post!

For me there is nothing better than watching my husband play with my granddaughter the way my own Dad played with my daughter! My Dad would really approve!