Friday, August 31, 2012

A Family Grows By One....

This is Michael's Nursery.  I had so much fun working on it with Katie and Brandon.  Katie asked me to make the curtains, wall information board and to help decorate and hang stuff on the wall.  She, Brandon and I spent a day hanging all the pictures and trying to get everything just right for Michael.  She and Brandon did a great job on painting the walls one afternoon.  They went with a light gray and one accent wall is a darker gray.  The two of them LOVE Yankee Baseball.  I know...they both were born and raised in Texas..go figure.  Brandon and Katie actually go to New York to go to the games and are VERY excited about Michael's first Yankee game live.  So needless to say when it came time to decorate Michael's room, there was no question what theme they would draw off of.......Vintage Baseball....
I think Katie and Brandon did such a great job in picking out everything.  I especially love the word wall.  We all decided that since they will be moving to a new home soon that they wanted to be able to take the word wall with them.  We put our heads together and decided that we would put the vinyl letters on a painted canvas to match the rest of the nursery.  We LOVE the fact that it is now able to travel with them unlike when you put the wording or letters directly on the wall.  This can now be a forever keepsake.
It is so fun....when Michael is in his room he just smiles and looks at everything....I think he approves :-)
Michael's Gigi

Proof this sweet boy LOVES his room 

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J said...

Very sweet room for a beautiful, much loved baby boy!