Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thoughts to ponder.....

  • The discipline of daily devotion to God undergirds decisions.
  • Perseverance will always outlast persecution.
  • A person's beliefs hold the greatest potential for good or harm in life.
  • Wrong conduct is based on wrong beliefs.
  • What you believe is basis for conduct, character and destiny.
  • Whatever God authors, He will complete. Whatever God promises, He will fulfill, Whatever is committed to Him, God will keep.
  • It's better to pray to BE READY for opportunities when they come than to pray they come.
  • The counterfeit trinity is "me, myself and I."
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Anonymous said...

Wow... now those are some things to ponder...

Suz said...

Thanks for following me! I wanted to let you know though, that you clicked to follow on my secondary page to my blog that is a work in progress :)
My actual up and running blog is familycents.blogspot.com

Cool street sign by the way!

cheapbychoice said...

I have given you an award. Stop by and pick it up.