Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a great day filled with "expectations"

Today......started very slow and heavy.....I allowed the enemy to speak lies to me this morning ....I believed him and all of his gloomy news and feelings of defeat....that is until.....I WENT TO WAR (we, I love you Maria)!!!! SOME of us need to turn off the news and quit listening to the doom and gloom. We as His children, live by His economy not the worlds. Go back and read where the plaques came upon all of Egypt except for where God's people were. There were NONE. So, just like then we now have that same protection and favor in our land, our jobs. We will be victorious and occupy our land until He decides to move us to better land, better jobs etc. We MUST have faith that He only wants the best for us as his children. I took my authority that God has given me (and you) to rebuke, and slain those that would try and destroy my joy, my peace, and my security. I was studying this morning and the teaching was on "Worry or Fear." As we all know that is not the mind like Christ. I heard and now makes sooo much sense to me that worry and fear is an emotion of "now" it's about what happened yesterday or what MIGHT happen tomorrow. It is not at all even about being in "that" moment. Our worrying NEVER solves the problem and our worry certainly does not help at all. What it does do is robs us from enjoying that day we are in that God blessed us with. It makes us moody, angry, bitter, reclusive, depressed, hopeless, defeated. It can lead to life threatening diseases. Worry and fear "STARTS" with a thought. It is not until you have that thought that you invite fear in. Worry or fear comes from thinking that you are not going to get what you want or a situation is not going to work out the way "you" want it to. It really doesn't matter what we want...It will always be what God wants. He love us...he wants the best of the best for us and nothing less. Yes, he may make us make some changes, but is to put us in a better place, attitude, gratefulness, relationship etc. It ALWAYS ends with us seeing the blessing. Look back on some of your are probably like me and now say about some of them...."thank you Lord for not giving me the desires of my heart" because you can now see it would have been disastrous. We ALL can choose how we "react" to our thoughts. It was put like can be in a huge fight, argument what ever and all of a sudden the door bell rings.... in a split second you go from yelling, arguing, loosing control to opening the door and plastering a smile upon your face and speaking in the sweetest of sweet voices at whoever is at your door because you chose to get a grip. So, don't say you cant control your emotions or thoughts....YOU CAN when you want to and put forth the effort.
As you hear the lies of the enemy you have the right and authority to begin speaking what you "expect" out of God according to His promises!! Instead of stating what scares you, what you fear, what mood you are stand there and say "I'M EXPECTING GOOD NEWS TODAY", "I'M EXPECTING FAVOR TODAY", I'M EXPECTING A BREAK THROUGH TODAY", I'M EXPECTING SOMETHING REALLY GOOD FROM GOD TODAY", I'M EXPECTING GODS PROVISION TODAY" or what ever or how ever you are expecting God to move. Say....TODAY, Jesus is passing by!!
When you feel it mustering or a problem or situation comes your way.... you pray. NOT pray and then worry....that shows no faith....You pray and then say....."that's not my problem to solve God, that is your problem to solve." (John 14:27)READ
After my quiet time (the above lesson) Maria came sweet sister in the Lord... We prayed for over 2 hours. After my quiet time and the sweet prayer time... my thoughts and desires were in line with God and not the world.
Thank you Maria for walking with me through prayer and deliverance (not my first time nor will it be my last I am sure ;-) Sometimes those of us that minister to others on a very personal level can become weak, tired, and weary. DO NOT be afraid to ask someone you trust to pray with you and encourage you. I know... as one that was given the gift of is hard to ask for help....but the enemy also knows that... He also knows that if he can get you discouraged that he can paralyze you from encouraging others the Lord brings your way. That is one way he steels, kills and destroys our ministry ..... with LIES!!!
I look forward to tomorrow with great "anticipation and expectancy".

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