Sunday, February 15, 2009


Boy... let me just say.... today was a day of WORSHIP!!!!!! What a sweet time I had with the Holy Spirit today. Wow, the Holy Spirit chose today to truly cleanse my heart and soul!!! During worship singing "All I wanna do is worship you" I fell to my knees, tears streamed down my face (and mascara) and I felt so heavily burden to just "WORSHIP". I confessed, praised, knelt in awe of my Father, my Comforter, my Supplier of ALL THINGS.
Too many times I have sat in church and just gone through the motions during the time of preparation leading to the message letting my thoughts and mind be on other things. Or other times I have felt like I was having to really make an effort to enter into that place. BUT NOT TODAY!!!! Now, I am not saying that it is "always" that way, but lately, I have felt a distance, knowing full well that it was me that had moved and NEVER the Holy Spirit. I truly believe that there is such a sacred time you enter into during praise and worship. You are inviting AND "ALLOWING" the Holy Spirit (who is a gentleman and will not "push" his way in) to begin to prepare you for the Word He has for you. I weeped in sadness that it took a "bump" in our road to bring me back there. That place of saying "you are truly all I need, I trust you, and have faith in you and not man."
I am truly thankful for today!!!! Thank you Holy Spirit for the renewal and cleansing that you performed today.

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Kandice said...

Hello! find followers by posting on other's blogs. Haha.
It sounds like your day has been wonderful. May you have many more like that!